About Us




The Knight Girls Children’s Collection is a collaborated effort between a mom and four of her five daughters, in writing a series of children’s books. The series is called the Helpville Learner series which is comprised of seven books tackling tough issues children may deal with, in a kid-friendly manner. The books in this and future series, are written by International Author, Publisher and Motivational Speaker/Minister, Rhonda Knight and her daughters. Mignon Williams is the oldest daughter, Amber Jones, the second oldest, Alicia Knight, the middle daughter and Kayla Knight, the youngest.

How this all came about; Amber was given a vision that this is something that we should undertake to help children and we all agreed to come together and make it happen. Rhonda also exclaimed that in her travels and speaking across the Country, she’d often hear many people say, “When I was a child this happened” “When I was a kid that happened to me,” and what we see in this society is people affected by what happened to them as a child and now they deal with mental health issues because of it. Therefore, our goal, through these series of books, is to help children grow up mentally healthy instead of having mental health issues.

The books are written for an age range of 7 to 10 however they are designed for Teachers, Counselors and Parents to be able to interact with the children, no matter what age, and ask questions like “what do you think they should do?” This is an important teaching, interactive technique that could save that child or someone they know.

We are passionate about making a difference in this world, especially when it comes to being able to help children!