Lumps of Koal

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Helpville Learner Series Book 6

“Lumps of Koal” explores the subject of bullying. Koal is a koala who bullies other children and thinks it’s a fun thing to do. However, what we learn from this wonderfully written story, is that Koal himself had been bullied and is simply acting out what he had been through. Koal does learn a valuable lesson that bullying hurts and he makes a decision to change his behavior. This story takes place around the holiday season that represents love and giving and as you read it, you’ll see Koal shows us his expression of just what the season is all about! Be sure to buy the whole set of all seven books that are available in the Helpville Learner Series I! Each book covers different subjects, that are designed to help children tackle tough issues, in a kid friendly manner.

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