Helpville Learner Series 1 Full Set of all seven books

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  • Awareness:
  • Bullying:
  • Depression :
  • Educational:
  • Fun:
  • Help:
  • Homelessness:
  • Interactive:
  • Learning Disability:
  • Other Disabilities:
  • Physical Abuse:
  • Self-Esteem:
  • Sexual Abuse:
  • Suicidal Thoughts:
  • Suicide:
  • Teaching Tool:
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Helpville Learner Series 1 Give the gift of love, purchase the full set!  

Thank you for your interest in our line of children's books! As you know, these books are designed to help children handle tough issues in a kid-friendly manner. Too many people grow up with mild to severe mental health issues because of what they have experienced as a child. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to get these amazing books into the hands of as many children as we can, so that we can be instrumental in helping to develop mentally healthy children in our society, that grow up to be mentally sound adults.

ideai for families, teachers, counselors, library, schools, daycares, shelters, churches, foster care and any other facility that caters to children.

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